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Congratulations on your purchase of Pro Sports Link! Let's get you up and running. If at any point you have questions that you feel this tutorial does not answer, please don't hesitate to contact our support team by clicking calling or emailing us below. Our Pro Sports Link support specialists are available between the hours of 2 PM to 12 AM CST. If you or someone on your team needs a one on one training session, let us know. A virtual session can usually be arranged as soon as the next day, and in person sessions can be arranged as well. If you require phone support, give us a call at (936) 755-4767. Scroll down to see specific support topics.

Pro Sports Link Video Tutorials

Learn all about how to use Pro Sports Link with a series of helpful video tutorials. If there is anything that you don't fully understand or have questions about, don't hesitate to give us a shout. We're only a call or email away.

Logging in for the First Time

Step 1

Navigating to the control panel

In order to log on to your new Pro Sports Link control system for the first time, visit prosportslink.com and click the "Control Panel Login" button on the top of the page. If you are visiting us on mobile, you will need to click the three stacked bars on the top right of the page to make the Control Panel button visible.

Step 2

Accessing the Control Panel

It's time to log in for the first time! Simply enter the credentials supplied with your account set up package that was emailed to you, or the account that we configured for you during in person training. If you have lost your account credentials, please email support@prosportslink.com or call our support line at (936) 755-4767.

Step 3


This is the dashboard for your control system. From here you can turn individual fields or zones on and off, set schedules to make your lights activate and deactivate autonomously, view the on/off and run time history of each zone, and check on power status all at a glance.

The green buttons, listed on the above image as "Turn On" allow you to easily control your fields at a glance. Clicking the button corresponding to the field you are trying to control will result in the lights turning on, and the green button being replaced with a red one, now reading "Turn Off". Accordingly, when a field has turned on, its status will change from OFF in red to ON in green under the Status column.

Step 4

Let There be Light

That's it! For more in depth tutorials on creating and modifying schedules, adding new users, changing your password, configuring two factor authentication and more, be sure to visit our video tutorial section.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the above tutorials did not answer your questions, we think this might. If not, be sure to give us a shout so we can get you taken care of.

For security reasons, we do not allow users to reset their own password. If you find yourself locked out of your account, please email support@prosportslink.com via the email address that your account belongs to and we will assist you in getting a new password. You can also call us at (936) 755-4767. Please note that a Pro Sports Link employee will never ask you for your password.

Yes! If you are the account owner, you do not need to share your account credentials with others. Instead, please contact us at support@prosportslink.com via the email address associated with your account, or by calling us at (936) 755-4767 and we assist you with configuring additional accounts. We can also restrict additional accounts to only access specific zones upon your request.

For optimal account security, we recommend a few best practices. For one, never share your account credentials with anyone, including anyone claiming to be a Pro Sports Link employee. We will never ask you for your password. Second, we very strongly recommend enabling two factor authentication on your account. We have provided a video tutorial for enabling two factor. Click here to learn more.

We strongly advise against the normal use of the keyed switch. It is intended for emergencies in which the control system is unresponsive or non-functional. Under normal operating conditions, please use the Pro Sports Link control panel to control your lighting. If you make use of the manual override switch, important information such as field usage monitoring will not be collected.