Re-imagining Controls for the Information Age.

First we brought next generation lighting to the masses at last generation prices. It's time we revolutionized controls too.

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Modern. Purposeful. Intuitive.

While LED lighting has gone boldly into the future, controls were left behind. Pro Sports Link isn’t a rebranded third party product, but a bespoke lighting control system, built for the modern age. Designed from the ground up to feature the best of intuitiveness, security, accessibility, and affordability, Pro Sports Link is a control system that incorporates the best of tomorrow’s technology, not the outdated approach of the past. To control your lighting system, you can access Pro Sports Link via a sleek, intuitive web interface, or you might opt to use our expertly designed iOS and Android smartphone apps. Log in to our mobile app with nothing more than a fingerprint or Face ID scan. A control system should get out of your way, not get in the middle of it.

Affordable. Supportable. Expandable.

When we set out to build Pro Sports Link, we weren’t interested in parroting the business model of existing control systems. We strongly believe in the benefits and value of controls, which is why Pro Sports Link is included at a discounted cost to the end user in complete Pro Sports Lighting systems. Not only does the hardware come at no additional cost, but there are no subscription fees for the first year of the system. For existing lighting systems, Pro Sports Link is offered as a retrofit package for a low price. As with the controls included with our full sports lighting systems, the first year of connectivity is included. Not only is Pro Sports Link an inexpensive controls solution, but it is an expandable one as well. As time goes on, your Pro Sports Link control module can be dynamically expanded to support additional fields with easy, low cost installation.

Secure. Reliable. Brilliant.

Unlike other control systems, security is at the absolute forefront of our design philosophy. Designed from the ground up using end to end AES-128 encryption and two factor authentication, it is our objective to keep your account safe and secure. Not only do we keep your account safe from intrusion, but safe from downtime as well. Pro Sports Link does not rely on client provided connectivity, but instead carries its own cellular modem. Regardless of the state of your local internet service provider, Pro Sports Link stays connected to nation leading cellular networks 24/7. To ensure downtime is minimized, all of our servers are hosted in secure cloud data centers with redundant networking and backup power. Rain or shine, Pro Sports Link will be there for you.

Technical Specifications

  • Remote On/Off Capability (via web or app)
  • Automatic On/Off Scheduling (Adjustable on the go via web or app)
  • Support for many fields
  • Usage Monitoring (See usage reports on who is using your lighting, and for how long)
  • Support for multiple user accounts (Restrict football coach to access football field lighting only, for instance)
  • Timed Access (Specific user accounts may be configured to only have remote on/off privileges during certain hours of certain days)
  • Support for fingerprint and Face ID login (on compatible devices)
  • Support for Two Factor Authentication
  • Highly reliable nationwide cellular networks power Pro Sports Link
  • Manual override switch (In the event Pro Sports Link becomes inoperable due to physical damage, loss of signal or hardware failure)

*Some features listed above may not be available at initial release, but we will work diligently to add them as quickly as possible via software update.

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